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The nervous system is an extremely delicate structure with a fragile balance and if something disturbs this balance, like an illness or injury, a veterinary neurologist with specialized experience in this field is often needed for advanced care. Surgical intervention can be necessary for certain conditions or injuries of the nervous system and having a medical team you can trust to perform these delicate procedures on your pet is essential.


If your pet’s behavior changes and he or she becomes weak, has difficulty walking or standing, has a seizure, or experiences an injury of the brain or spine, your pet may have a neurological condition that needs to be managed by a neurologist.

At your pet’s initial consultation, our board-certified neurologist will perform a full physical exam and a variety of non-invasive tests in order to assess and diagnose your pet’s condition. Not only do we need to determine what area of your pet’s nervous system has been affected, but also why and to what degree. We will thoroughly discuss our findings, your pets prognosis, and any recommended treatments options with you during the consultation. Although you may be asked to return to us periodically for check-ups and continued management depending on your pet’s condition, we will keep your family veterinarian involved in the treatment process and provide the information they need to continue providing primary care to your pet.

Some of our on-site neurological diagnostic capabilities include:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): MRI uses electromagnetic fields instead of radiation to gather detailed, cross-sectional image slices of the body. MRI is the best imaging modality to evaluate/view the brain, spinal cord, nerve roots, and other major nerves.
  • Computerized axial tomography (CAT): Our on-site CT machine is non invasive and allows us to take cross-sectional X-ray image slices of the body that provide a detailed picture of your pet’s brain and other internal structures for diagnosis.

Neurosurgical options for pets have come a long way, and the advancements in this field are comparable to those for humans. Many neurological diseases, conditions, and injuries can be improved or even cured with surgery, and our board-certified surgeons, with access to the most advanced technology available, can work with you and your family veterinarian on deciding and implementing the best approach.

If you suspect your pet may have experienced a brain or spinal injury, be sure to seek treatment as soon as possible. Early intervention offers the best chance of recovery for most medical issues, so it’s always important that any changes in mood or behavior you notice are brought to the attention of a veterinarian.

Some of the procedures and diagnostics we offer include:

  • Decompressive disc surgery for acute and chronic degenerative disc disease, including diseases of the cervical, thoracolumbar, and lumbosacral spine
  • Neurooncologic procedures, such as excision of brain and spinal tumors
  • Muscle & Nerve Biopsy
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis
  • Minimally invasive epidural steroid injections

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