Cardiologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart.  The most commonly used diagnostic tool is the echocardiogram -- a cardiac ultrasound -- which provides advanced imaging of the heart in order to obtain a diagnosis for your pet.


We have partnered with Petcardia Veterinary Cardiology to provide cardiology services to our patients.  Petcardia’s reputation for providing advanced medical care and an unparalleled client & patient experience made them the perfect fit at CASE.

Full Service Cardiology

Petcardia specializes in all phases of diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease.  Diagnostics commonly include echocardiogram, blood pressure assessment, and electrocardiogram (ECG). Treatments and services can include medical management, pre-anesthesia consultation, minimally invasive procedures and interventional catheterization.

Knowledge and Expertise

Petcardia’s Cardiologists are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, which can only be obtained after completing an intensive three-year residency program dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease.  

Accurate Diagnostics

The premium Philips cardiac ultrasound system is designed specifically for imaging the movement of the heart and the blood flowing through it.  Standard ultrasound machines are unable to image with the same precision that is needed for accurate measurements and clarity in diagnosis.  

Continuity of Care

Cardiologists administer all phases of diagnosis and treatment.  This consistency allows for an in depth understanding of the patient’s condition and seamless collaboration with the owners, the family veterinarian and other specialists involved with the patient.

Patient and Client Experience

Petcardia takes a concierge approach to care.  The appointment styles are adapted to meet the needs of you and your pet. Owners are welcome to remain with their pet throughout the appointment and appointments are one hour long.  This allows plenty of time for pets to relax and get comfortable with their surroundings.  The doctor also does not feel pressure to rush through the diagnostics, they have the time to get additional images to confirm their diagnosis.  The diagnostics, diagnosis and treatment will all be fully explained.  There is plenty of time for questions during the appointment, and if you have any questions later, our Certified Veterinary Technicians are available to take your call.

Over 99% of Petcardia clients respond that they are likely to recommend Petcardia.  

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